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The New Omega (MJ side-story)

Lue seemed different these days.

It seemed to have started some time last month; she had always been pretty quirky, a little dominating—clearly the alpha type—but all of a sudden she seemed a little more energetic and brazen. It was...a nice change to see. Roan had always liked her, and thought she was beautiful and cute, but the newfound confidence, wherever it had come from, was a welcome change and drew him to her even more. And evidently she was acting on that confidence rather fast, since the next thing he knew he was hearing of her forming a pack with Brie and a couple of other people he'd never heard of, probably from other high schools.

It was, he thought, time to act. With the way she was acting now, if someone didn't approach her then she seemed likely to approach them, and although there was no guarantee of success, Roan wanted to at least give it a shot. It still took him until Friday afternoon to work up the courage to say anything; her confident, dominant demeanor was...honestly pretty hot as far as he was concerned, but it also made her more intimidating, despite how physically small she was. But, they had been friends for a while, and he wasn't exactly unattractive himself: Tall, well-built, fiery red hair and eyes. He'd never really noticed her looking at him, well, that way, but maybe he could get her to?

They were walking out of school together. “Hey, uh, Lue..?”
“What's eating you, huh?” she answered, immediately picking up on his hesitant tone.
“Well...I...” This would go immensely better, regardless of her response, if he would just spit it out. “I want to ask you out on a date,” he said finally.
“Hmm. Nope.”
...Nope,” he responded. Well, that was blunt.
She put her hands up in a bit of a shrug. “It's nothing personal. I'm just not interested in that kind of relationship right now. You can respect that, right?”
“...Yeah, I guess so.” They
were still young, still in high school after all, however close they were to graduating. Had he made things awkward now? “..Sorry.”
“Hey, don't apologize! It's not like you could read my mind or anything. But I have a counter-proposal: Would you be interested in joining my new pack?” She grinned in a way that seemed friendly but had an edge of mischief behind it.

Uh..” Well, apparently she hadn't taken offense at all to make that offer right afterward. And...well, it was 'right now' she wasn't interested, right? Roan hadn't really had any intentions of joining a pack, but it was the kind of relationship that would keep them relatively close in case she ever changed her mind, right..? “I, think so, yes.”
“Great! Now listen, you don't have to worry about fighting me or anything.” That was good..he knew some self-defense but Lue was notoriously
strong. “As werewolves of a modern age, we have a different way to try out. I need to take care of a few things today, so if you're free tomorrow morning I can show you what it is at my place.”
“Okay, sure...” He was a little dubious of this “new try-out method”, but it already had the positive of probably not involving bruises or broken bones.

The next day, about midmorning, he knocked on the door to Lue's house and she let him in, leading the way into her living room. He'd never been here before, and couldn't help but feel a little nervous walking into the home of a girl he was attracted to..even if she had already rejected him outright. Doubly so as he realized that her parents seemed to be out. “S-so uh, what are doing...?” he said, looking around.
“Well, first of all, if you want to try out for my pack then you'll need to take this,” she said, picking up a small vial from the side table next to the couch. “I don't want you backing down after taking this, if you do. So think of drinking it as a commitment to see the try-out all the way through.”
“Um..okay..?” He took the offered vial and stared at it, feeling more than a little suspicious. The liquid inside was a swirl of bright pink and dark blue, with a slight silvery glow showing here and there. Lue could have a vicious sense of humor sometimes, and this was potentially a prank involving powerful magic. “What does exactly?”
“That's a surprise!” she said with a faux-innocent smile. “But I
can tell you that it's painless, and its effects will be totally reversible.”
He raised an eyebrow. “Lots of terrible things are 'totally reversible'.”
Lemme clarify: You'll be able to undo its effects completely yourself after drinking it, without any help from other potions or magic or anything, including me. So you don't have anything to worry about. You do want in my pack, right?”

He sighed; she always did know the right thing to say to make someone do something. “Yes.” He started to open it.
“Oh right, you
may want to stand close to the couch,” she added, grabbing an arm and pulling him over that way. “Juuust in case.”
That's reassuring,” he said sarcastically. But it was inevitable at this point, so he finished opening it up and chugged the small glass container's contents. It tasted vaguely fruity and sweet, not bad but definitely a little strange. Then he handed it back to her quickly in case it was going to paralyze his arms or something, not wanting to deal with any broken glass on top of whatever was about to happen.

“So...I wanna hear your guesses on what it's doing,” Lue said, still grinning widely. “I'll even tell you if you're right!”
“Um, okay.” He was beginning to feel a vaguely warm feeling near his stomach, and it spread out from there to slowly cover his entire body. When it reached down to his feet and up to the top of his head, his hair immediately began to rapidly grow longer. His bangs fell farther down his forehead, and locks began to tickle the sides of his face on their way down. “...Hair growth?” he guessed, picking one of the locks up in front of his face to examine it. It felt softer than usual...
Oh, that's part of it,” she said. “More of a side effect than the main attraction, though.”
“Uh..” Roan shuddered involuntarily, something sort of tickling his spine. And then abruptly he began to shrink, the room beginning to rise up around him as if he was standing on a slow-moving elevator going down. “Wha...?” He looked around, seeing the height loss accelerate and beginning to feel a strange, slight pressure across his body. His clothes started to feel looser on him, and he saw that he was actually shrinking horizontally too, his shoulders narrowing and his whole frame becoming slimmer.

Hair..and shrinking?” he said, noticing the hair was now past his shoulders and still growing. His voice sounded slightly off when he spoke, so he tried clearing his throat, but that sounded kind of weird too. “AaAnd..” His voice cracked slightly. “..Voice?” It was...higher now.
Aallll parts of it! Getting warmer,” Lue said teasingly. She seemed to be enjoying the show, at least.
Looking down at himself again, Roan noticed that his arm hair seemed considerably thinner and shorter than usual. In fact, the same was true for his chest, which the increasingly oversized shirt on him was beginning to show off more of. Right when he looked, it slipped down off of one of his shoulders, and then he noticed his pants starting to slide down his legs just in time to quickly reach down and grab his boxers before they left him too.

Roan shivered again, the odd spine tickle returning. Then he felt a sharp tug between his legs, followed by a wave of tingling down there. “Aah!” A voice he hadn't heard from his throat since the age of twelve cried out in surprise. “...Wh-whaAaa..?” His voice cracked again during the question, as the tingling died down and he looked up to find his shrinking slowing down as the top of Lue's head approached his eye level. Then he looked back down again, tugging on his boxers as the unsecured side slipped entirely off of his hips, the hem of his shirt falling down to his thighs and its collar slipping off enough to reveal his forearm. He looked so slim and small; his once-muscular arms were practically sticks and his legs, mostly exposed by the pants now around his feet, weren't much better. His hands and feet were so small, too, enough that he could just step out of his shoes if he wanted to. And his fell all the way past his stomach and was still growing, making its way down to his hips. Or maybe that was his height still shrinking, the floor below still very slowly crawling closer.

Another shudder, and tug, and Roan let out a very unmasculine “Aah~!” in response. His cheeks were getting warm from the strange tingling down there as he looked up and saw that his eye level was at Lue's forehead, but everything had finally quit getting taller. “I-I...your potion's turning me into a chick?!” he said, hearing his high, squeaky voice begin to mature back down in pitch, but in a distinctly feminine way.
“Ding ding ding!” Lue said, bouncing on her feet a bit with a wide, satisfied grin. “Thaat's most of it.”
M-most?!” what more was it going to do, Roan thought, just before he felt his ears pushing themselves up and out, fur brushing past his hair on the way up. They seemed much more..sensitive to that touch than before, and drew a startled “Wah!” from him in what was now an undeniably womanly alto. This was followed immediately by another “Aah~!” in the same deeply female voice as his tail also pushed its way out, sensitive fur brushing against the trailing hem of his shirt before simply lifting it up in the back as it twitched around nervously.

Roan shuddered again, feeling another spine tingle. “Rrgh..aa~aah...!” This tug was sharper but slower, and left him with very little down there. “Wh..why..?”
“I'll explain when it's over,” Lue nodded reassuringly. “Just enjoy it for now.”
“E-enjoy?” The tingling down there that followed a tug hadn't let up, and as it grew more intense instead of less, it made the blush on his face grow even hotter and brighter. “This isn't rh..really, m-my idea of...” Roan felt a gentle inward slipping as his sex began to change. “Aaaah..aah~rrf!” His eyes closed as he felt his equipment shifting, an inward push that traveled up to the pit of the stomach. Roan's ears sank down to the sides of his head, his tail whipping rapidly back and forth in spite of herself; the change came with a pleasant fuzzy feeling down there that was hard to ignore. She lost her grip on her underwear just before feeling a sudden push from her hips as they quickly grew, along with her butt puffing out behind her, giving her increasingly womanly proportions and conveniently just catching the boxers before they could fall off.

“Rrh..rrf! Arf!” Roan was briefly incapable of speech, and her instincts took over instead, reacting to the tingling in her chest with more excited barks. It made her blush more and seemed to give her newfound womanhood more pleasant sensations to feel as her chest gently pushed itself forward, newly-sensitive skin growing and brushing against the t-shirt as it went. Her canines sharpened and slightly lengthened themselves and her tongue grew a little longer as she continued to bark and yip in response to all of the new sensations; her chest grew and grew and grew for what seemed like several minutes but must have only been a few seconds, before finally, with one long “Aaa~aahhAArrf!” from her lips, the new breasts gave one final outward shove and then gently bounced a little bit from the motion.

The new girl slowly opened her eyes, her face still feeling like it was on fire. Lue was grinning up at her...her own ears and tail out and the latter wagging in a way that seemed very pleased. “Lue, w-what was..what even..?” she stammered out.
“You like it? I had to special order a potion to get all the effects I wanted,” she said. “First, it's transformation potion with a little bit of moonlight in it to give you wolfy ears and a tail. Plus there's some extra stuff in there to make sure the biggest change is comfortable...or a little more than that. And I'd say you turned out
super cute, too~.”
“Wh..what does
this have to do with being in your pack?” she demanded, her blush changing from...well, from just a reaction to the 'comfortable' aspect of the change to sheer embarrassment at it all: Her tiny soft new appearance, Lue watching the whole time...!
It's very simple. The new trial my pack uses is petting,” said Lue. “I believe it reaches our most primal instincts and forces us to reveal how we really feel about each other. Buut, knowing you're attracted to me would make that super awkward if you were still a boy.”
“Th-that's just..weird,” Roan said, her ears drooping a bit. But of course, Lue had anticipated this reaction and already informed her that drinking the potion was a 'commitment'. “What about..?”
Ah, it doesn't just transform you though,” said Lue, anticipating the next question. “It actually gives you the power to switch between your new appearance and the old one whenever you want. Buut that effect is really hard to make work alongside everything else, so it'll take around six hours to activate.
hours?!” Roan had more or less cleared his schedule for today in anticipation of something strange, but the idea of being stuck like this for so long was a little hard to bear.
“Shh, it'll be okay,” said Lue, moving a little closer and putting a finger to Roan's lips. “I'd even bet you'll be enjoying yourself before too long.”
“M-mmnnh!?” The new girl tried to physically back out of the weirdly intimate gesture...“Waah~!”...and tripped over her oversized shoes and the pants still pooled onto the floor, falling back onto the couch.
“Oh, good!” Lue pounced on her, pulling her into a close hug that squished Roan's new assets against Lue's own pair. She had always wanted to be this close to the alpha girl, but...not quite like this. Still, it drew yet another harsh blush to Roan's cheeks and made her ears fold themselves back most of the way.
Lue paused, her happy expression turning to a slightly worried one. “ it really that bad?” she said, loosening her grip a little bit. “I know what I said before, but this is too extreme to do without real consent. I mean, if you don't want to then it'd be wrong to force you..”” Roan blinked a couple of times, not having expected this sudden burst of concern at all. Lue had almost puppy-dog eyes; it was clear she wanted to do it. In some ways this was like situations Roan had always wanted to find himself in with her, but in others it was all wrong—she'd been turned into a girl, and her body felt all weird, and...! But, it felt kind of nice, too. She was almost the same height as Lue, making it easier to fit their bodies together in a hug...and their busts squished together felt kinda good in a way she'd never really imagined something could. There were undoubtedly some..feelings exclusive to her newfound sex, and Lue's potion more or less gave her the power to feel those any time she wanted in exchange for a little bit of discomfort and waiting.
The red-haired werewolf could feel her expression steadily softening as she brought herself around to the idea. that she really thought it through the idea of Lue petting her was...pleasant. Exciting, even! Her tail began to wag and her ears moved forward before slowly sinking down toward the sides of her head in a submissive expression. “I...” she said quietly. “I want...I want you to,” she said finally.
do?” said Lue, seeming a little surprised by this. Roan wouldn't believe that she expected anything but an eventual agreement, maybe after some more convincing or time to think, but it seemed that admitting to wanting it was more than the alpha anticipated.
“Y-yes.” She blushed. “I, kinda wanna know what it feels like. S-so..”
“Okay!” Lue pulled her into the close hug again, and this time Roan returned it eagerly. And then...!

Roan felt the smaller girl's tail brushing against hers, and let out a soft “Rrrf!” in response. Lue's tail was rough, textured, a little like feeling a brush run across her fur, but it was also so warm..! Then a pair of small hands ran up through Roan's long, soft hair up to her ears and began gently rubbing and petting them, drawing a few small yips from her in response. Roan found herself steadily pulling her head closer and closer to Lue's, lost in the feelings of her wolfy parts, and began vigorously nuzzling her cheek, letting out small pleased “Mmh” and “Rrf” sounds the entire time. Lue returned the nuzzling, continuing to pet her for a good few minutes before finally dropping her hands back down, running them through Roan's hair again and wrapping her arms around her waist. Roan continued nuzzling her for a little longer before they both slowly pulled apart, both of their faces just as red as Roan's hair.

wow,” Lue said. “Your affection for me is definitely not skin-deep. Mnnh..” She rubbed her nose against Roan's cheek again for a second, and then drew back with a pleased smile. “I could feel it even after all the weird stuff I've already put you through, even despite you being totally female right now..”
“Y-yeah..” Roan blushed. “I um..I don't, hate this form nearly as much now. Soo, uh..?”
“You obviously passed!” Lue declared, rubbing the top of Roan's head a bit. “That's phase one: I know now that I want
you in the pack. So before we make it official, you have to do the same thing to me.”
“I..the same..?” she said, in a breathy, surprised voice.
“The petting, not the feeding of a potion,” Lue clarified. “So you can get a sense of how I feel about you, and make an informed decision on whether to be in the pack or not. Plus it's only fair we both get equally embarrassed, right?”
“Oh..I-I guess so,” she said. It seemed kind of sensible when you put it that way. But it did still mean...petting Lue. As before, this was the kind of thing Roan had
dreamed of being able to do with her, but this was nothing like what she'd—he'd imagined. Still...

Roan pulled herself closer to Lue, enjoying the feeling of their breasts pressing together without reservation this time. It occurred to her that the other girl had been braless this entire time, or it wouldn't have felt quite like this. Another matter of 'fairness', she wondered, or just Lue being a weird pervert..? Oh well, now Roan was basically one too—either recently made one by the young alpha's influence or maybe just outed as one, at least when it came to Lue. Regardless, she brushed her tail against Lue's, which was still entwined with it, and brought her hands up to feel of the other girl's ears.
The reaction was electric. Lue let out a sudden “MrrrrhhRRF!” and immediately pulled Roan as close as she would go, pressing her nose against her cheek again and rubbing it back and forth. As she continued the petting and returned that close, friendly gesture Roan could feel and hear Lue's heart racing, her body squirming around in place from excitement. It gave her an increasingly confident feeling that the alpha...Lue...was actually very happy with her, enjoying not just her newly female body but her entire self. There was genuine attraction to Roan—any version of Roan—hiding somewhere deep in there that her current instinct-driven self couldn't help but show. Roan couldn't help but get a little excited herself, realizing that maybe not now...but in a year or a few years or however long it was going to take...there was hope..!

Another few minutes later, Roan gently let go of the ears and moved her hands down to return the hug once again. Lue continued nuzzling her for at least two or three times as long as Roan had kept going before, and then finally pulled herself off, softly panting. “So..hff..whadd'you..hff..think?”
I wasn't sure when you asked me yesterday, but...” Roan said, “I need to be in your pack.”
“Heehee. See, this is why I think petting should be the way of the future,” said Lue. “It's so much fun too, on top of that. Oh, but you might have to be omega for a while.”
“O-omega?” Even knowing that Lue probably didn't run her pack this way, Roan's head rang with the long history of omegas being bullied and generally mistreated by their packs.
“Well, at our last pack meeting we decided on seniority as a ranking system. Purely provisional, you understand, until we come up with something better. But as the newest member that would make you omega.”
“O-oh. So...”
“Not forever. I do intend to build up a pretty big pack over time,” said Lue. “Anyway, it's just a title. Nobody in the pack so far really cares that much about rank anyway.”
“Oh. Well, that's..not too bad then.”
“Mm-hm!” Lue pulled herself off and picked herself up onto her feet, offering Roan a hand. After a moment's hesitation she took it and stood up too. She hadn't noticed it in all the excitement before, but her stance and sense of balance were rather seemed like something she would've definitely had trouble adjusting to, except that the potion had probably 'fixed' it for her, which was convenient at least.

“Now, how would you like to have some clothes that fit you like that?” said Lue.
“I think..that'd be pretty nice,” she said, looking down and blushing again on remembering just how poorly clothed she currently was.
“Great! My beta started studying magic lately and that inspired me to look into it a little bit myself. I only know one clothes-morphing spell, but I guarantee it'll give you something that fits!”
“That sounds..” Roan's ears drooped a bit. “..suspicious.”
“Well, you don't know until you try, right? The last suspicious thing you agreed to turned out great, right?”
She sighed. “Fine. You're just eager to have somebody to test it out on in general, aren't you?”
“Yep!” Lue giggled. “Now then, stand on top of your boy clothes and hold still.”

Roan did as instructed, and then watched as Lue waved her hands and spoke the incomprehensible language of magic before pointing at her. Right away, her clothes from the shirt down to the pants and shoes on the floor began to glow, before pulling themselves up and in and out and around in a rapid whirl of motion. Roan felt cloth squeezing close against her narrow stomach and slim legs, a bra fixing itself over her shoulders and around her back and gently lifting her breasts, something spreading its way out around her hips...and something light placing itself over the top of her head.

The light faded from the clothes, and Roan found herself wearing a frilly maid outfit. She looked down at it, up at Lue, and back down and up again with an increasingly warm blush in her cheeks. “S-seriously!?” she demanded, closing her eyes in embarrassment.
“Hahaha! The look on your face is
priceless!” said Lue. “It does fit though, if I do say so myself. Isn't it comfy, too?”
“It, uh..” Roan's blush continued as she realized that it was. “Yeah. B-but it's..!”
“Hahah! I should introduce you to the rest of the pack in that outfit! Say, 'hey everyone, meet our new omega'!”
“Rrrgh...” She growled, tugging at the weirdly short skirt and noticing that her tail was running down inside of it instead over over the top, which meant a huge risk of flipping it up in the back

Lue smiled and said quietly, “You actually look super cute in it, too...” And she was..blushing? Roan was tempted to think it was still from what they'd been doing a minute ago, except that it went brighter after that admission. That was...she was looking at Roan the way he'd always wanted her to...except that he was a girl right now, wearing a slightly bizarre outfit. Maybe she would...look cute in some more normal clothes too, though?
“Okay..maybe I will meet 'em in this, then,” she said, starting to smile herself. “You think their reactions would be funny enough to be worth it?”
“Oh yeah. Kael's for sure, at least,” said Lue. “Hey, the spell is temporary, but it gave you some fitting undies at least, right?”
“R-right.” She blushed a bit at the attention being brought to the tight, soft panties and the bra over her chest, the close-hugging cloth of each only making her feel more exposed somehow.
“So..I could lend you some more normal clothes of mine over them, and we could go shopping?” Lue offered. “I'll even buy your first four outfits if you want.”
“O-okay. That sounds like fun,” said Roan, her tail picking itself up (and the back of the skirt with it) despite her best efforts so it could wag steadily back and forth.
“Oh, yeah, my clothes might be a little tight on you,” said Lue, starting to lead the way into a nearby hallway and probably to her bedroom.
“There is no way they'll be more embarrassing than this. Which is already pretty tight as it is,” she responded, following.
“While we're out, we can work out the details. I'll put out some texts and figure out when everyone's available for another pack meeting,” said Lue.

The best day seemed to be the following Wednesday. So when they arrived, the first thing that the senior pack members saw on the front door opening up was a girl in a maid outfit...

“Uh, hi, welcome. Come on in,” said Roan, blushing slightly at having other people see her like this. But it would be worth it for their reactions...and more importantly, to make Lue happy. “Alpha' the back,” she gestured, before moving out of the way as if this was all perfectly normal...

(Warning: Dull, overwrought explanation below.)

While I was queuing up the most recent post (Midas Journal 27), I realized that the very next post would be the 300th one on this site. Granted, some of the previous posts are captions or stories I'm not particularly proud of, some aren't anything of value at all, but in the name of arbitrary enjoyment of reaching round-number milestones I felt like it would be nice to do something special.

Well, I've had the general idea for this story for a long while now, but just kept searching and searching to no avail to find the right image. I knew that the person in question had red hair, and pictures with red hair that would work just didn't exist. Eventually I found a picture that I thought would almost work with some small adjustment to the story's ending, namely this one. Except..the hair still wasn't red. So I decided to see whether I could "fix" that, and discovered that with the right image editing software I actually could, in a pretty convincing way even! I did put some effort into altering the image this way, carefully seeking out every little missed spot I could find, but obviously most of the work is technological magic that I probably couldn't hope to understand. Either way, I finally wound up with an image I felt I could use and wrote the whole thing pretty much right away!

So, long story short: This is special for a few reasons—it's the first "side story" in the same vein as the "side caption" we had before, for basically the same reasons (the uniquely limited first-person perspective would make it impossible to place this as part of the story itself); I feel like it's a pretty good "extended caption style" story, it's yet another werewolf, which I'm always a fan of, and it involves an image altered to fit the story. That's why I feel happy putting this out as post 300, and hope you enjoyed it too. Here's hoping I get even more writing done soon!

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  1. I would have never guess the image had been edited if you hadn't mentioned it in the post-script!

    Congratulations on your 300th post! You are a wonderful writer, and I've enjoyed almost all of what you've put out. Here's hoping you are able to continue writing for a long time to come!

    I wonder if Roan has actually been changing back and forth throughout the week. I suppose he'd have to, what with school being a thing and all. Kael's probably going to have a heart-attack for the half-second between finding out Roan used to be a guy and finding out that Lue had that potion made.