Monday, December 11, 2017

A Tale of Tails

 Feels good to finally get another caption out. Also, I think this is my first ever instance of one caption being a prequel to an earlier one. (See A Strange Book)


  1. Reading this has me starting to wonder, you said that you imagine the world in which all of these events also has changes occurring in your mind for the opposite direction of these transformations.

    In such a world, do you think that more or less emphasis would be placed on gender or form differences like the tails and ears? How do people react when they find out someone's changed? Is it met with casual acceptance or a general unawareness that anything is different? Are there people with animal appearance traits that wish they were more human?

    1. A lot of captions I write assume a specific point in a modern fantasy world's history where magic has just started to become publicly known and commonplace, but a large percentage of people don't have direct access to it at first. I imagine how much people care or think about certain changes probably depends on the person and the specific culture, but from the point in history I just talked about forward there would probably be a trend for a lot of the culture to start to care less about it, but probably some group or other who didn't like the chaos resulting from such changes. Unless the caption specifically mentions everyone else being unaware of the changes (like what happens in the GCB captions, or that one with the genie, or Heart's Desire), I'm writing with the assumption that everyone a person knows is going to at least be aware a change occurred. There's always at least one person aware that a change happened because, in my opinion, a story where a change happens but absolutely nobody in the world is aware of it is basically just a story of the audience moving from one universe to a parallel one where both had no change whatsoever happen in them--hardly a story at all, to me.

      I have very little doubt that basically any world with a lot of drastically different body types like having animal tails or wings or horns or whatever will have a few people at least moderately unhappy with their "fantasy bits" and wishing they could get rid of them in a non-painful manner, just as much as people like Sage who want those things added to them. It's plausible there's a spell that'll let people trade and transfer those things somewhere, and a business built around matching people to "donate" and "receive" unusual traits, I dunno.